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Have you also noticed that dog products always looked the same and haven’t really followed the path towards our contemporary values? We’ve realized that dog products on the market don’t really meet our request for more eco-friendly products and products that match our aesthetic preferences of today. We decided to do something about it.

We at Swaggin Tails are far from perfect. We can’t promise you that all our products always are the eco-friendliest, but we can promise you to always strive for that and offer you products that we can be proud of. Products that leave as little carbon pawprint on our planet as possible. If we can’t offer you the eco-friendliest dog collar, then we sure hope to offer you the most appealing and comfortable dog collar.

We have a passion for dogs and want to challenge the industry with more exciting products. If you follow our journey, we promise to keep offer you the finest and most exciting dog products out there. If you let us do that we can continue to give back to all the homeless dogs that needs our help!

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Test user of toys and treats. Likes to bark and make his surroundings uncomfortable.


Head of sales, customer inquiries and supplier dialog.


Heads logistics, IT and finances.