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SÖMNIG dog beds

It is time to celebrate
your faithful friend

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The Sömnig beds

Our goal was to make a bed where Scandinavian design meets functionality. A bed that is equally appreciated as a sleeping place for your pooch as it is a interior piece in hour home.

The filling is made out of recycled materials to make as little pawprint on the planet as possible. The pillow is filled with memory foam to take care of your beloveds spine and joints and to offer that well deserved beauty sleep. You can easily flip the pillow in order to alternate between the fluffy and the plain fabric side.

The fabrics gives a sense of beautiful depth and feeling, but their also very easy to clean thanks to the smart zippers.

The handles and the corners are made out of vegan leather  just to add some functionality and give that extra Scandinavian touch to it. 

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Easy clean technology

Easy to remove stains and dirt due to the Easy clean fabric

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Memory foam

Shredded memory foam in for the best comfort for your furry friend

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Scandinavian design

We have tried to combine the minimalist design of our proud heritage 

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Recycled materials

Re-used materials from the furniture industry

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Flippable pillow

Chose between fluffy lama fabric or have the same style as rest of the bed

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Washing recommendations

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Iron – low temp



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Hand wash or Wool program

Works with your washing machine

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Dry clean



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Do not bleach



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Do not tumble dry



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Bed cover: Polyester

Pillow: Recycled & shredded visco-foam 

Sides: Recycled polyurethane foam

Details: Handles and corners are made of vegan leather


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avalible in following collors

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Moon grey

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Space grey

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forest green

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navy blue

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